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Nenameseck Sportsmen's Club
150 Bacon Road Palmer, MA

Did you ever wonder what happens to all the old bowling pins when the alley replaces them?

Welcome to the Nenameseck Sportsmen's Club Bowling Pin shoot. The shoot is open to anyone and club membership is not required. The overall objective of this shoot is to enjoy the shooting experience and the company of fellow shooters. Percision markmanship with your chosen weapon is NOT required.

What type of equipment do I need?
There are 6 or 7 classes in the Bowling Pin shoot. They are:
22 Revolver Limited
22 Semi-auto Limited
22 Rimfire Open
Large Bore Revolver Limited
Large Bore Semi-auto Limited
Large Bore Open
Snubbie Revolver Limited (Not always held)

The limited classes are for handguns with iron (or fiber optic) sights only, no compensators or weights. The open classes are for handguns with optics, comps, weights, etc. The .22 classes are limited to .22 rimfire cartridges. The large bore classes are for center-fire handgun cartridges up to and including .44 Magnum. To shoot with your own weapons would require a minimum of four different handguns, however, our shoot is an informal and friendly event and most shooters will allow you to borrow a weapon in a class you are not equipped for.

How am I scored?

Each shooter has six shots to first knock down three pins with unlimited time, then four pins unlimited time, and then 5 pins unlimited time. If he or she leaves any pin standing in any of these preliminary shoot-offs, they are eliminated from the that shooting class. For shooters that make it this far, a speed shoot-off with five pins is conducted. First one to knock down all pins (or the most pins) wins to go onto another speed shoot-off. Eventually you end up with a 1st and 2nd place winner in each class.

Is there any cost?

Each shooter registers with a $20 entry fee to shoot in all classes. If you wish to shoot in only selected classes, the entry fee if $5 per class. There is no cost for the snubbie round match. The 1st and 2nd place winners for each shooting class receive a cash prize. The amount of the cash prize for 1st and 2nd palce depends on the number of shooters that register, for example, the day these pictures were taken, there were 7 registered shooters and 1st palce won $5 while 2nd place took $2.

How do I sign-up or get more information?

If you have any questions or need additional information, you can contact Dick Silva at (413)267-5059 or email Dick at . You're also welcome to stop in at the Nenameseck Clubhouse and get a first hand look at what the Bowling Pin shoot is all about. Dick will most likely be there and will be able to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to shoot, the match starts at 9:00AM, but shooters should be there no later than 8:40AM to get a number. Please check the Calendar of events for dates and times and How to find us for directions to the club. Hope to see you there!