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Nenameseck Sportsmen's Club
150 Bacon Road Palmer, MA

Nenameseck Club meeting minutes for December 6th 2016
The meeting was opened by Dick Silva at 7:15
The minutes were read and passed for the month of November by Chet.
The treasure's report was read and passed for the month of November by Dick Hamilton.
There were 12 new applications for membership voted in this month.
There were no correspondence this month for the club.
Activities for this month
There was no bowling pin shoot held this month.
The Junior rifle team has been shooting for 4 weeks now and is progressing well. The kids are learning how to shoot Olympic style shooting. ( Sitting, Kneeling, and prone positions.)
The 22 rifle league will be starting on the first Wednesday after the new years'. cost is 10 per week. Also starting after the new years' is the indoor 3D on Wednesday night starting at 7pm, and the Friday night spot league.
The Saturday morning kids league will be starting on January 7th. All returning kids that wish to participate please call Morgan Toelken by December 19th to reserve the spot . All other children that wish to participate must call Morgan after the 19th and will be placed on a waiting list . H-413 967 6293 C- 413 668 4774
Friends of the NRA are holding a gun a day raffle Ticket are $25 and can be purchased from Joe Messina
The roof over the outdoor pistol range has been completed. A big thank you goes out to Jim Desabrais II for all the hard work he put in getting this done. Work on the automatic gate opener is progressing well and should be done soon. A new shooting bench will be built across the new outdoor pistol range to accommodate the shooters. An area will be left open for people who wish to practice full draw from their holsters or combat style shooting.
Range rules
A mailing had gone out about the range rules. There were a few people who had questions about them and came to the board of directors meeting to get confirmation about them. One question pertained to the age requirement and caliber of children shooting long guns (rifles and shot guns). Currently the minimum age is 10 and the caliber is limited to 22 long rifle and 410 shot gun. It was discussed at the directors meeting and again at the club meeting. It was decided that with proper adult supervision the age for shooting long guns will be lowered to age 8 and the long gun restriction is lifted.
The club is looking to upgrade our website. We will be looking into either changing our current one or getting a new one. We would like to be able to post scores from the different events that are held each month, up load pictures of the people attending the events, and also pictures of game that was taken during the year from hunters and fishermen. The club is also looking into getting a new computer to handle the new software that will run the boards for the new gate opener and all the doors to the club.
Bob Shea suggested that the club buy a floor scrubber to scrub the indoor pistol range floor. This scrubber will help hold down the amount of dust accumulating inside the range. This matter will be taken under advisement and discussed at the next board meeting.
Dick Silva closed the meeting at 8:20

The outside range gate project is getting closer to completion. We are now working on getting the card swipe system installed.



Nenameseck Club meeting March 8th  2017
The meeting was opened by Dick Silva at 7:04 pm
The minutes were read and passed for the month of February by Chet.  
The treasure's report was read and passed for the month of February by Dick Hamilton.
There were 12 new applications for membership  voted in this month for the club. The club has 633 memberships at this time.
Elections were held this month for the positions of President and board of directors. Jim Desabrais ll won the election for president and will take office in April. All other officers were renominated and were revoted into their office.  The new board of directors will consist of Jim Desabrais Sr, Jim Goodreau, Dick Silva, and Marc Courchesne. Congratulations and good luck to all the new officers.
Lisa  Desabrais will be in charge of the kitchen committee and Eric Collins will be in charge of the outdoor pistol and rifle ranges.
Activities for this month:
Bowling pin shoots:
will begin on the first Sunday in April and will be outside on the rifle range
The junior rifle team:
The kids won the rematch with October mountain from Lenox Mass. The Nenameseck team won 7 awards for the individual shooters. The team banquet will be held on March 26th at the club.
Pistol Team:
The Nenameseck pistol team came in 2nd place in the league. Ludlow came in first with a record of 21-0 followed by Nenameseck at 18-3 , and Hamilton, from Sturbridge came in 3rd.
Pistol course :
The pistol course will be held on the 3rd Saturday of the month starting on March 17th. Dick Silva will be instructing this course.
Turkey shoots:
Turkey shoots will be starting up again at the club. Eric Collins will be hosting the shoots . Times and dates to follow.
Saturday morning kids archery league:
Saturday March 11th if the final shoot of the year for the kids. The banquet will be held the following Saturday March 18th. Congratulations to all the kids and how well they shot.

Indoor 3D:
There are only 2 more weeks to go before we start shooting outdoors.  The league will end on March22nd and the banquet will be held on March 31st. Thank you all for coming out to shoot with us this year.
Outdoor 3D:
 Nenameseck will be hosting a outdoor 3D shoot on March 26th. Registration is from 7am till noon.  You can shoot life size targets from unknown distances on our course. It is one of the most challenging courses in the state so come on out and see for yourself
Friday night spot league:
There are only 2 more weeks to go. The banquet will be held on March 31st. Thank you all for coming out to shoot with us this year.
If anyone wants anything put on the website you can email it to the club president , Jim Desabrais,  at
22 Rifle league:
There are 2 more weeks left for the 22 league. Jim Desabrais will be offering another 22 league this summer either June or July and run for 6 weeks.

Old business:
There was a request for new signs to be placed on the rifle range showing hours of operation as well as other safety issues to be concerned with. Please be aware of these when the new signs go up. There is a meeting on Wednesday the 8th of March at 11:30 am,  dealing with the new gate for the rifle range.   It is to finalize the contract, go over the final installation, and programming .  The air handling system design for the exhaust has been received and approved. The same company that will install the supply side will also do the exhaust.  The exhaust side will consist of 8 diffusers  15-20 down range from the shooters as well as another 8 diffusers at the backstop to remove the air from the club.  The kitchen is still ongoing. A new hood, Ansell fire suppression system, and controller will be installed after the Saturday morning kids archery league has finished.  The hood has been ordered. At this point the kitchen will be placed on hold until after the air handling system has been completed in the pistol range.
For the good of the Club:
 There will be 2 bow hunter education courses held at the club this year.  These courses are put on by the state of Mass Division of Fish and Wildlife.  These courses are good throughout North America. If anyone has plans to go out west or to Canada to archery hunt you will need this course. The course is a one day course (8am-4pm). The dates for either of these courses is April 15th or April 29th.

Meeting adjourned by Dick Silva


Nenameseck Club meeting minutes for Feburary  7th  2017
The meeting was opened by Bob Shea in lieu of  Dick Silva at 7:04
The minutes were read and passed for the month of January by Chet. 
The treasure's report was read and passed for the month of January by Dick Hamilton.
There were no new applications for membership voted in this month.
There were no correspondence this month for the club.
Activities for this month
There was no bowling pin shoot held this month.
The Junior rifle team has been shooting for 12th week now and are progressing well.  The kids shoot Olympic style shooting. (Sitting, Kneeling, and prone positions.)  Nenameseck  hosted  an inter club shoot with October Mountain from Lennox Mass. this past month.  Our kids shot very well with 5 kids shooting better than their personnel best. Kids who did received awards for doing so.  Nenameseck won the inter club shoot, along with 3 or 4 class awards .   This month Nenameseck will travel to October mountain in Lennox for another inter club shoot.
The Saturday morning kids league is doing well. We have 39 kids shooting this year  Their ages range from 8 - 17 years old .  There is a waiting list for next year.
Pistol team is doing well. The team record is 17-2 so far for this month. We are in second place  with only 3 more matches to go.  Due to an Illness to Dick Silva he will be temporarily suspending the pistol course until a replacement can be found. Get well dick
MFAA/NFAA   No information at this time
Indoor 3D    The Wednesday night 3D league is on going. we have been averaging 8- 10 shooter per night Wednesday the 8th we held a coon shoot.  We shot at paper targets of raccoons with reflective eyes. All lights were shut off and the archers could only use a 2D cell flash light to illuminate their pins and the eyes of the target. Fun was had by all as a few shooters had never shot this type of an event.
Outdoor 3D  Dates have been pulled for the outdoor league. Nenameseck has 4 dates scheduled. March 26th, June 4th, July 2nd, and August 6th. Come out and support the club by shooting these dates Please.
Website    The new website is up and running   If you would like to have something posted you can Email Jim Desabrais II at
Old business  The new kitchen appliances have arrived and been installed. We have a new stove, Refrigerator, and new Freezer.  We are awaiting the installation of a new range hood, Ansell system, exhaust fan, and control unit for the complete system.
Work has started on the  air handling system in the indoor pistol range. A new boiler in the furnace room is being piped as well as the air exchanger in the target room . Will keep you update as to the progress.
Nothing new to report on the automate gate to the rifle range . With all the new snow access is difficult.
New Business  No new business
Good of the club    A discussion was held pertaining to club dues, initiation fees, and guest memberships.
All will remain the same for this up coming year.
Nominations for club officers   Jim Desabrais II was nominated for president. There were no other nominations for any other office. All remaining officers have been re nominated for their positions. Elections will be held in March with elected officials taking office in April.
Meeting Adjourned by Bob Shea