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The 3D Archery Shoot is A course of life size three dimensional targets using various animal figures. The course uses varying distances and natural terrain features to simulate actual hunting situations and challenges. The 3D Archery Shoot covered here is coordinated and sponsored by the Pioneer Valley Bowhunters Association.

How do you score a 3D target?

Each target has either 2 or 3 circles located in the vital area, or "kill zone" for that particular animal. You not only have to be a good shot, but also know where these vital areas for each species of animal are. For larger targets, there is a small inner circle which gives you an "X" along with 10 points. This is used as a tie breaker if needed. The next circle out (or the inner circle on smaller targets) is the 10 point ring. A hit in this area is usually referred to as "dimeing" the target. The next ring out is worth 8 points, and a hit anywhere else on the target is worth 5 points, sometimes referred to as a nickle. If you miss the target completely, you "scratch" with 0 points. You only get one arrow for each target.

Who am I competing against?

Each archer registers before going out on the course and is given a score card for their particular category which they're shooting. Upon completion of the course, the score cards are turned in and the scores recorded for the day. There are a total of 30 targets for a possible maximum score of 300 points. Most shoots have some type of recognition, such as a pin for the top 3 scores in each category and some have trophies for the children's categories. For the most part, you're competing against your own best score and the recording of everyone's scores is done just to make it interesting.

What type shooting categories are there?

There are a total of 15 different shooting categories in the Pioneer Valley Bowhunters Association shoots. They are separated by type of equipment, age, and sex. There are special categories for both boys and girls, with ages up to and including age 10 called Cubs. The Jrs category range in age from 11 to 15. There are also different divisions for Bare Bow shooters, shooters with and without mechanical releases, and shooters with sights. Whatever type of equipment you have, there's going to be a category you'll be able to shoot in. Who can shoot and what is the cost? The Pioneer Valley Bowhunter 3D shoots are open to anybody. You do not have to belong to any organization or club to register and shoot. The cost is only $10 for adults, Children age 11 - 15 are $5, and Childern age 10 and under are FREE.

How do I sign-up or get more information?

If you have any questions or need additional information, you can contact Marc Courchesne at (413) 284-7620 or you can stop in at one of the 3D Archery shoots listed below and get a first hand look at what 3D Archery shooting is all about. The Nenameseck club only hosts a couple of shoots a year, so check the listing below for dates and locations. Hope to see you there!