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What is the Junior Rifle Program?

The Nenameseck Junior Rifle program is an instructional program designed to teach young adults from age 13 to 20 the sport of marksmanship. The program focuses on learning the skills necessary to consistently shoot with a high degree of accuracy. This requires a strong willingness to learn and above all, patience. The program places a strong emphasis on conducting all matches SAFELY. Over the course of the 15 week program students are taught the correct way to handle any firearm and all basic rules of firearm safety. The Junior Rifle Program is conducted as an informal instruction session and prior experience is not necessary. Help will be provided to individual students on an "as needed" basis. The program is open to everyone and membership in the Nenameseck Sportsmen's Club is NOT required, however, class size is limited.

What type of equipment do I need?

NOTHING! The Junior Rifle Program will provide each shooter with all the necessary equipment including the target rifle, eye and ear protection, ammunition, and targets. More advanced shooters may wish to obtain and bring their own equipment to provide a more consistent shooting session. New shooters should not purchase a target rifle until they have attended at least several sessions. This gives the student an opportunity to see if they have what it takes and what type of rifle works best for them.

What happens at the Jr. Rifle shoot?

Normally, shooting sessions are held on the indoor range. Students typically shoot about 60 shots at six targets at a distance of 50 feet. Students shoot .22 caliber rounds from target rifles with iron sights. Each target has 10 bull's-eyes with the two center bull's-eyes used for sighting in the rifle. Beginning students will shoot most or all shots from the most stable position of prone. Once a student is comfortable with the prone position, then the kneeling and standing positions are also used. The experienced shooters will normally shoot 20 shots prone, 20 shots kneeling, and the last 20 shots standing. At this level, interested shooters can represent the Nenameseck Sportsmen's Club as a team with organized matches against other area Jr. Rifle clubs. These team matches can be shot at the Nenameseck range with the results mailed in.

Is there any cost?

There is a fee of $250.00 for each student for the 15 week program. This covers the cost of expendables used such as ammunition and targets. The main goal of the program is not to turn a profit, but to introduce young adults to the shooting sports in a safe and structured environment.

How do I sign-up or get more information?

If you would like to register for the program, have any questions, or need additional information, you can contact Bob at 413-530-9970. Bob can also be reached by e-mail for any questions you may have at , however, if you would like to register for the program, it would be best to call Bob since class size is limited. Classes will be held on Sunday nights at 3:00 starting in November. For directions to the club, click on Directions. Hope to see you there!