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Nenameseck Sportsmen's Club
150 Bacon Road Palmer, MA

Many congratulations are in order. First, four of our shooters fired their best personal scores to date today:
    Mathew Bohm - 183
    Payton Lee Kelley - 139
    Scott Kustra - 111
    Michael Polak - 254
 Second, our top shooters in todays event:
    Kylee Julian - 1st place, Sub-Jr. Class
    Alex Otte - 3rd place, Intermediate Jr. Class
    Maddy Merchant - 1st Place Jr. Class.
October Mountain Sharpshooters captured both High Individual Shooter, (David Clark with a score of 506), and overall Club Winner with an aggregate score of 3590 vs Nenameseck score of 2578. Congratulations to October Mountain Sharpshooters!

Great job today by all shooters.

Congratulations go to both Kylee Julian for reaching her personal best score of 427 as wells as winning today's luck target and to Alex Otte for his best score to date of 434.

Our shooters continue to fact, 2 shooters improved their personal best scores...
    Mike Polak has made it to the Wall of Fame with a score of 301!
    Cassidy Lamb shot her new personal best of 473!
In addition, Mike Polak won the luck target with an impressive 76 points total!
Congrats to them!

Junior Rifle Updates

All shooters are showing continued improvement and we commend them all.

Congratulations to Emma Polak for earning her spot on the honor board with her personal high score of 326

Congratulations to Cassidy Lamb for improving her personal high score to 461 and moving up a bracket on the honor board.

Congratulations to Esther Merchant for improving her personal high score to 361.

Congratulations to Maddy Merchant for improving her personal high score to 425 and moving up a bracket on the honor board.

Congratulations to October Mountain Shooters!
They took both Top Shooter and Winning Club!
Congratulations to these Nenameseck shooters...
    Kylee Julian    1st Place Sub Jr
    Michael Polak    3rd Place Sub Jr
    Alex Otte    3rd Place Jr

And...four shooters topped their previous personal best scores again...
    Kylee Julian    427
    Esther Merchant    369
    Emma Polak    349
    Michael Polak    308
Great job by all Nenameseck Team shooters! Your Coaches are all quite proud.

Four shooters bested their previous high scores Sunday...
    Matthew Bohm 233,
    Billy Methot 173,
    Alex Otte 401,
    Mike Polak 267.

Congratulations are in order for Kylee Julian who shot her best round ever with a score of 460 and congratulations to Esther Merchant for her personal high score today of 384. Great job!
 Kylee also topped off the round with a win on the poker target with her three-of-a-kind winning hand, (3 deuces).

Congratulations to Grace Ann Kelley on reaching a new personal high score of 300!



Kylee Julian went from 401 to 425,
Alex Otte went from 359 to 366,
Cassidy Lamb went from 428 to 435.