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Looking for an activity the entire family can participate in even through the winter months?
Welcome to the NFAA/MFAA National/Massachusetts Field Archery Association.
Who can shoot at NFAA/MFAA matches?
Any NFAA member can compete at shooting matches. There are several categories and divisions of archers based on your age and type of equipment you are shooting with. Guest may also compete see below.
How do I become a member?
To become a member and shoot as a MFAA member; You go to to
become a NFAA member then select MA as your state. Doing this will join you as a NFAA and
MFAA member so that you can compete in all events.
However; If you are already a member of USA archery and a MA resident; for an additional $10.00, you can join the MFAA. Go to this link: to complete the form.
What type of bow do I need to compete?
The short answer is, What kind of bow do you have? There are so many different equipment categories that whatever type of bow you have, there is going to be a category that you will be able to shoot in. Everything from longbows and recurves to compounds with all the accessories you can think of.
I'm interested, but how do I get more information?
If you think you'd like to try an actual match, the NFAA/MFAA would be happy to allow you to shoot as a guest, which only costs $1 more for registration, but allows you to see what it's like before you join the NFAA/MFAA.
Some info on rounds….
There are a few basic differences between field archery and most 3‐D courses. Most notably, that field courses have marked yardages. The basic NFAA field round is made up of 28 targets. The round is two 14 targets units. There can be 28 targets one after the other, or you can have a 14 target course and shoot it twice to make the round. Each 14 target unit has the same shots, but not necessarily in the same order, on a 28 target field course. You shoot four arrows at each target, so you shoot a total of 112 arrows per field and hunter rounds. Some of the shooting positions let you shoot all four arrows from one marked stake; some shooting positions have stakes at four different positions where you walk toward the target on each shot, or in a fan position. The distances vary according to the round you are shooting. The standard NFAA field round has distances that vary from 20 feet to 80yds. The 80yds is only shot with 2 arrows (1 each half) on the Field round.
Styles and Classes:
There are many styles of shooting acknowledged by the NFAA with separate classes for men and women. Listed below are some of the basic styles.
1. Free Style (FS) consists of using any style sight/release and any combination of options.
2. Free Style Limited (FSL) is the same as FS but the archer uses their fingers in place of a
mechanical release.
3. Bowhunter Free Style (BHFS) consists of a release, a sight with no more than 5 fixed pins and
a stabilizer no longer than 12 inches.
4. Bowhunter Free Style Limited (BHFSL) is the same as BHFS but the archer uses their fingers
in place of a mechanical release.
5. Bowhunter (BH) consists of one shooting with fingers with one finger over or under the nock
of the arrow and a stabilizer no longer than 12 inches. No sight is used.
6. Barebow (BB) consists of shooting with your fingers, no sight and no fixed anchor point
(String walking is allowed).

For more info contact Pat Tuttle at