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Nenameseck Sportsmen's Club
150 Bacon Road Palmer, MA

COMING SOON:  PRACTICAL DEFENSIVE HANDGUN   $100 fee. Course runs for  4-6 hrs depending on class size.

This course is for any and all handguns and any and all methods of carry that the student utilizes on a daily basis   It is designed specifically for the student that carries for personal defense and incorporates the latest accepted practices used by law enforcement and the military for defensive shooting in armed confrontations.  This is NOT a precision target shooting course, but rather a "close quarters battle" skill development session that focuses on actions within defensive handgun range of maximum 7-10yds.

Emphasis is placed on proper equipment selection, access to weapon, situational awareness and appropriate response, multiple assailants, weapon function and immediate action, and point/instinctive shooting.  Classroom portion addresses use of force issues, pertinent laws, and shooting incident aftermath.

In addition to the course fee, shooters will be required to provide their own personal protective gear and not less than 200 rounds of ammunition.

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