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Nenameseck Sportsmen's Club
150 Bacon Road Palmer, MA

Shot gun turkey shoots are over for this year but on the third Sunday of January and every Sunday after except for the first Sunday of the month for 10 weeks we will be holding a 22 rifle shoot with 22lr rat shot. It will cost 2.00 per round and the prize for the winner will be a meat prize. Ticket purchase will start at 10am shooting will start at 11am. The kitchen will be open. The shoot will be held on the inside range.

For More Info Contact Lisa Desabrais at 413-245-3568 or Email at

We will be holding a Ham shoot starting April 1st til May 27th. Tickets go on sale at 12:30 to 1:30 shooting will start at 1;30

Tickets are 2.00 per round. Prizes will be various meat prizes.

The kitchen will be open from 12 to 1:30